The Girl With The Spotted Horse

I am just an artistic individual, living spontaneously, defining my life with unspoken colors. I am armed only with my imagination, my two lovely horses, camera, and my romance with the life I live. I might be weird, but it's all my life, it's all here.
Free Life


I could never be with a woman who didn’t crave adventure. I can’t understand the feeling of wanting to stay in one place your whole life, expecting that things will just happen. You have to go out and get it. Whatever it is, you go and do. Your faith, your search for a partner, your need for fresh air.

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Books for the Healthy Heart

My Mum yelled at me for ordering so many books… I countered with 

"At least I’m expanding my consciousness with literature instead of drugs." 

Then she suggested another book to me.


I’m fairly certain I love him.

I kept telling myself I was free until I believed it.
When I kept believing that I was free, I suddenly was.
Now I am free and I never won’t be ever again.


Hannibal Art Meme

Vincent Van Gogh (Dutch, 1853-1890)
By the time of his death in 1890, Van Gogh’s work had begun to attract critical attention. His paintings were featured at the Salon des Indépendants in Paris between 1888 and 1890 and with Les XX in Brussels in 1890. As Gauguin wrote to him, his recent works, on view at the Indépendants in Paris, were regarded by many artists as “the most remarkable” in the show; and one of his paintings sold from the 1890 exhibition in Brussels. In January 1890, the critic Albert Aurier published the first full-length article on Van Gogh, aligning his art with the nascent Symbolist movement and highlighting the originality and intensity of his artistic vision. By the outbreak of World War I, with the discovery of his genius by the Fauves and German Expressionists, Vincent van Gogh had already come to be regarded as a vanguard figure in the history of modern art. (x) (x) (x) (x)

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